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New Fishing Forecast System:

Feb 15,2007 (updated 7/17/2013)

It has been known for a long time that fish feed in cycles and patterns and it was discovered that these patterns tend to follow solunar cycles. However, there is more to it than just that. Weather and tides also play an important role in fishing cycles. In fact, after studying fishing productivity patterns logged over several years and comparing them to weather archives, it became clear that there a lot of weather factors that play a role in determining when fish are most active feeding.

Fishing factors tend to peak and lull at different times with each other, often cancelling each other out. An example would be a full moon overhead would indicate excellent fishing but perhaps weather conditions indicate poor fishing conditions. The net result is fishing conditions that might be average rather than excellent. On the other hand, several factors might peak at the same time creating conditions that are excellent.

After a lot of research and development, a forecasting system has been created that combines expected solunar, weather and tidal conditions to determine the overall fishing conditions. This system is free and uses forecast data generated by the National Weather Service for locations all across the United States. The default factors used were created using archived data and statistics to determine to what extent each factor effects the fishing trend. Due to the fact the some geographic areas and species of fish may differ slightly in how much each factor effects the trend, the factors can be customized.

To view the fishing forecast chart, go to www.EProFishing.com and select a location from the Solunar and Best fishing Times drop down box. After selecting your location, fishing forecast charts will be created for two days out. The factors used in creating the chart will be displayed at the top. Each day will display a weather pictorial for each hour of the day. Clicking on any of the pictorials will pop up a details window for the forecasted conditions for that time. Under the weather pictorials, will be 2 charts. The first is the overall fishing conditions for the day. The graph will indicate the expected fishing conditions on a scale of poor-average-good. The second chart will indicate the peak fishing conditions for the day. This is an amplified view of the first so that the best fishing condition for the day will be at the top of the chart and the worst will be at the bottom.

If your selected location includes tides, then a third graph will display the tide levels for your location along with a list of high/low tide levels/times.

After the charts, solunar almanac data will be included.

The charts generally display today and tomorrow forecasts. A service is available that allows charts to be viewed 7 days out. Beyond 7 days can also be generated, but these will not include weather forecast information.

There are still some environmental factors that may effect fishing that are not included in these charts such as water temperature, water clarity, fish and bait spawning times, etc.

Overall, these fishing forecasts are a huge improvement over all other models used to date.